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Philip W. Dalrymple III pwd at mdtsoft.com
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On 30 Aug, tmj at atlantageek.com wrote:
> Hi,
> I am the proud owner of a new laptop running redhat 6.0.  My problem is
> that I run on multiple networks and a dialup connection.  Does anyone
> have any suggestions on how I can set up something at bootup to select
> which network configuration to use.  I did come across something in the
> linux laptop howto that was did some of this.  But I was wondering if
> anyone else is having this problem.
> A somewhat similar problem I am having is the occasional lockup by
> netscape when I am not connected to a network.  I set it for loading a
> blank home page but it is being very tempermental (netscape 4.5)  I've
> figured out that if I wipe out the .netscape directory it resets itself
> and everything works fine.  But this really sucks for obvious reasons.
> Does anyone have any suggestions.

There is a program called "divine" which can be found on freshmeat, it
is run when your network connection (ethernet) is made and will do ARP
request for each of the networks listed in a config file to figure out
which one the laptop is on, it then updates the ifconfig and other
network configurations.
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