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andy dread at atlcom.net
Sat Aug 28 22:54:18 EDT 1999

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I knew that Microshaft was screwing my network with this
WinBLOWS 2000 B3 Server I have here.
And it locks when I click on ANY Samba server.
Redhat 6, Mandrake or Caldera.   Samba 205a
BUT! Connects to win98 without a hitch.

Do they think they out-program the Linux community ?

Here is what I think my problem is


"We are living organisms on a tiny, mud-covered speck
  of fire that floats in an immense black vacuum."

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<FONT face="times, times new roman, serif" size="6"><B>PC Week: Windows 2000 to provoke domain game</B></FONT><BR>
Aug 28, 1999, 06:24 UTC   (33 Talkbacks) (Other stories by Scott Berinato)
<I>[ Thanks to Rich for this link. ]</I>
<i>"Microsoft Corp. has implemented DDNS (Dynamic Domain Name System) in
Windows 2000 in a way that makes it extremely difficult for administrators
to integrate the operating system upgrade with Unix systems,</i> which use the
older, static DNS."

<P>"We have a big-time political crisis over who's kingpin," said the
manager of IT operations at a major aerospace company that is testing
Windows 2000. For years, Unix and then Linux ran the company's firewall and
DNS services.

<P>"A strategic decision to adopt Windows 2000 means you adopt it for
DNS," said the IT manager, who asked for anonymity. "Now we have Unix
programmers losing control, and they're angry. They perceive this as a
threat to their job."

<P><a href="http://www.zdnet.com/pcweek/stories/news/0,4153,1016137,00.html">
Complete story</a>.

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