[ale] re: mediaone dhcp problem

Jacob Langseth jlangseth at vodavi-ct.com
Wed Aug 18 15:40:48 EDT 1999

I managed to hose the original email email on this...
Here are a few suggestions, which may or may
not help.

Can you plug the cable modem interface into the
internal Lan, ifconfig the address properly and
successfully talk to the internal machines?

If you can't, the ethernet card may be the culprit.
Try the -e option to tcpdump and verify that the
source MAC address in the 802.3 layer of the arp
request matches the MAC address reported by
ifconfig.  For bonus points, verify the vendor code
portion of the address to make sure said address
isn't corrupt.

Have you tried bringing the system up with only the
cable modem interface, and no ip masquerading

If it works this way, it may be an obscure configuration
issue relating to your firewall, though from the original
email it didn't sound as if you had changed the configuration
recently.  Make sure ipfwadm -c accepts the arp reply

Something else to try while your poking around, though I
don't know why it would make any kind of a difference,
would be to force feed the MAC address of the gateway
as received by the laptop into your arp table via arp -s;
it be interesting if it the connection started working.

Let us know if you have any luck,

Jacob Langseth  	      
http://www.vodavi.com/	<jlangseth at vodavi-ct.com>

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