[ale] tpdualscan binary - newbie perplexed at compilation error

Jeff Dilcher dilcher at cueva.com
Fri Aug 6 20:03:04 EDT 1999

ok, the locate libc.so returned this:


So, is that in some type of non standard place, or would
explain why I get the 

ld: cannot open -lc: No such file or directory

when I compile?  Perhaps there is another library rpm
something or 'nother I need?

The clueless thank you for your support,


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> On 6 Aug 1999, hirsch at mathcs.emory.edu wrote:
> >Try "locate libc.so" to find where your libc is stored.  (For this to work you
> >either have to leave your computer on overnight at least once, or run 
> >"/etc/cron.daily/updatedb.cron" once by hand.
> or instead of getting complicated, you could use brute force:
> find / -name libc.so -print
> although I imagine that
> find /lib /usr -name libc.so -print
> or even
> find /lib /usr/lib -name libc.so -print
> might be considerably more efficient.... 
> -- Glenn

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