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Brian H. Trammell brian at altara.org
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RedHat 4.2 and some Debian or another should run on Sparc. Beware, though,
that linux 2.0 kernels on sun4c architecture SPARCstations (including the
Sparc 2) suffer from a progressive slowdown bug resulting from kernel
memory fragmentation and general brokenness in the sun4c MMU - I ran Linux
on my Sparc IPC but ended up switching to (yeech) NetBSD on that platform
because I got sick of having to reboot the machine every morning. And
e2fsck on a 650MB partition took nearly an hour.

So, the Sparc2 would be a nice box to play around on, but either run 2.1.x
(beware, some 2.1.x kernels won't compile or boot on Sparc) or be content
with a slooooooow box.

- -brian

On Tue, 20 Jan 1998, Michael Ivey wrote:

> I just had an offer for a Sparc2 for $300.  I don't know RAM/HD specs
> yet, but I want to run linux on it.  Is it worth it?  Anybody used
> Sparc2s with S/Linux?
> /michael
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