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Robert L Harris nomad at rocky.orci.com
Tue Jan 20 19:38:29 EST 1998

> >Sorry, this may be a tad bit off topic, but I seem to be caught in
> >a slight dilemma.  First off, I am currently in the "market" for a new job
> >in the East Cobb, Marietta'ish area.  That's all great, but here's where
> >the problem comes in.  Most companies seem rather adamant on their rule
> >about hiring minors.  (Yes, to my vast misfortune, I am a minor.)
> >
> >I despise jobs that insult my overall intelligence, i.e., grocery store
> >bag boy, McDonald's burger-flipper, and honestly (and seemingly
> >unmodestly) think that I am better than that.  I've tried a few local
> >ISP's, but they dont seem to want to reply with anything,  most likely
> >because they find people who can work full-day shifts and not just
> >evenings.
> >
> >I dont blame companies for doing that, considering the majority of minors
> >are probably not the ideal choice for a job.  But, if anyone can make any
> >suggestions of a place that may actually be willing to give me a try, I
> >would be very grateful!
> Sorry, but everyone has gotta start somewhere. I worked for a year and a
> half at McDonald's before I got my first "cool" job when I was 17 (I am 22
> now).
> Unless you are lucky enough to know someone who knows someone else up high,
> you're best bet is to get a burger job, grocery job or whatever so you can
> at least prove to the next potential employer that you can hold down a job
> (even one you may not like). That is going to be more impressive than
> saying to an ISP that you have never worked anywhere before, have no
> managerial references, and can prove nothing about your work habits.
> To illustrate the point: I had a friend who thought he was worth more than
> minimum wage, thought he was too good to work at Subway or Burger King, and
> could not work at any given place for more than a month or two. Needles to
> say, he still hasn;t even had a "good" job (he's 24 now).
> If you really want to work, and you aren;t willing to start at the local
> burger joint, you might try the mall. Hit Town Center or somewhere and put
> in applications in every store and booth you come across. It will at least
> be cleaner than McDonald's, and there are usually employee discounts all
> over the mall. If you are into computers, try something like Radio Shack,
> or CompUSA. Retail is really going to be your best bet to start out with,
> and you may even talk with a customer there that will offer you a chance to
> work for them.

I hate to agree but I must.  I worked delivering pizza's when I was 16,
worked doing bags at 17-18, then got to the college computer store and
computer labs after that.  Each one earned "experience" dealing with
people and "management" (lack there of).  Now I'm a contract at Lockheed
Martin in Denver.  

You gotta start somewhere.

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