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Tue Jan 20 18:48:27 EST 1998

>Sorry, this may be a tad bit off topic, but I seem to be caught in
>a slight dilemma.  First off, I am currently in the "market" for a new job
>in the East Cobb, Marietta'ish area.  That's all great, but here's where
>the problem comes in.  Most companies seem rather adamant on their rule
>about hiring minors.  (Yes, to my vast misfortune, I am a minor.)
>I despise jobs that insult my overall intelligence, i.e., grocery store
>bag boy, McDonald's burger-flipper, and honestly (and seemingly
>unmodestly) think that I am better than that.  I've tried a few local
>ISP's, but they dont seem to want to reply with anything,  most likely
>because they find people who can work full-day shifts and not just
>I dont blame companies for doing that, considering the majority of minors
>are probably not the ideal choice for a job.  But, if anyone can make any
>suggestions of a place that may actually be willing to give me a try, I
>would be very grateful!

Sorry, but everyone has gotta start somewhere. I worked for a year and a
half at McDonald's before I got my first "cool" job when I was 17 (I am 22
Unless you are lucky enough to know someone who knows someone else up high,
you're best bet is to get a burger job, grocery job or whatever so you can
at least prove to the next potential employer that you can hold down a job
(even one you may not like). That is going to be more impressive than
saying to an ISP that you have never worked anywhere before, have no
managerial references, and can prove nothing about your work habits.

To illustrate the point: I had a friend who thought he was worth more than
minimum wage, thought he was too good to work at Subway or Burger King, and
could not work at any given place for more than a month or two. Needles to
say, he still hasn;t even had a "good" job (he's 24 now).

If you really want to work, and you aren;t willing to start at the local
burger joint, you might try the mall. Hit Town Center or somewhere and put
in applications in every store and booth you come across. It will at least
be cleaner than McDonald's, and there are usually employee discounts all
over the mall. If you are into computers, try something like Radio Shack,
or CompUSA. Retail is really going to be your best bet to start out with,
and you may even talk with a customer there that will offer you a chance to
work for them.

Good luck.


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