[ale] CDROM - where is it? (fwd)

Jason_Hersey at providentcompanies.com Jason_Hersey at providentcompanies.com
Thu Jan 15 12:32:12 EST 1998

Jason Hersey at PROVIDENT LIFE
01/15/98 12:32 PM

> > I've seen a lot of messages about CDROMs - wish I had read them all.
> > I know that at some point Linux must have been able to read my CDROM
> > because I installed it from a Slackware CD.  I can't recall anymore
> > which device directory it is.  I have a /CDROM directory, but when
> > I do a listing on it with the Linux cd in the drive, nothing is listed.
> > I have an IDE CDROM, which device directory under /dev do you think
> > it might be.
> >
> > Additionally, when I boot up Linux, it gives me a NO CDROM message,
> > and when I run setup and try to scan for an IDE drive, it tells me
> > that it can't find one.  I'm quite sure it isn't the CDROM drive
> > because it's fine under Windows.

Don't want to to sound silly, but did you try typing:

     mount /dev/hdd /CDROM

A friend of mine was faced with the same dilema the other day.  He was
ranting and raving...."There's a CDROM directory off of my root, but
nothing is there."  It took me a few minutes to get out of
configuration/conflict mode and realize the problem myself.  All removable
media must be manually mounted and unmounted upon change.  Hope this

Jason P. Hersey

Provident Companies, Inc.

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