[ale] CDROM - where is it?

Mike Kachline kachline at cc.gatech.edu
Wed Jan 14 19:51:23 EST 1998

On Wed, 14 Jan 1998, Huong Q. Dinh wrote:

> I have an IDE CDROM, which device directory under /dev do you think
> it might be.

	Given that your CD is an ATAPI CD Rom, plugged into your IDE 
drive controller, my suggestions would be to try:
	/dev/hdb - Primary Slave drive
	/dev/hdc - Secondary Master IDE drive
	/dev/hdd - Secondary Slave drive

	If you are trying to install the slackware CD set and your CD 
drive is plugged into your Soundblaster card, try creating a boot disk 
with the "sbpcd.i" image. If all of the above don't work, The only other 
proprietary CD which I can think of off the top of my head which is 
commonly mistaken for as being an ATAPI is the "mitsumi" drives, thus, 
try the "mitsumi.i" boot disk and see if that gets you any luck.

							My $0.02,
							- Mike
Michael Kachline - CS, Georgia Tech
kachline at cc.gatech.edu

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