[ale] how to install an rpm ?

Chris Ricker gt1355b at prism.gatech.edu
Wed Jan 14 18:07:59 EST 1998

On 12 Jan, Josin Alvistur wrote:
> On Sat, 10 Jan 1998, Josin Alvistur wrote:
>> i am about to download the latest glibc from red hat
>> also, i see that the glibc comes in 4 flavors (plain, debug, devel, profile)
>> what are the differences ? 
> still interested in an answer to the glibc q above.

You'll at least want the glibc and glibc-devel packages.  glibc is the
actual library, while glibc-devel is header files and such that you'll
need to use it.

You may or may not need glibc-debug and glibc-profile.  glibc-debug is
compiled with debugging information so that you can debug it.  You
don't need this to debug user-level programs, just to debug glibc
itself (which you probably won't need to do).  If you want to profile
your code (man gprof for more details), you compile it against
glibc-profile instead of glibc.  You may or may not need this.


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