[ale] No More Ftp?

Chris Ricker gt1355b at prism.gatech.edu
Wed Jan 14 18:07:48 EST 1998

On 14 Jan, Robert L Harris wrote:
> Ok,
>   I got my ftp working from a few weeks ago.  Apparently I was missing in.ftpd
> (don't ask me how).  it worked for a few weeks.  Now it doesn't work anymore.
> It gives me the name/pass prompt and dies:
> Connected to localhost.
> 220 dogbert FTP server (Version wu-2.4.2-academ[BETA-12](1) Wed Mar 5 12:37:21 EST 1997) ready
> Name (localhost:nomad): nomad
> 331 Password required for nomad.
> Password:
> 421 Service not available, remote server has closed connection
> Login failed.
> No control connection for command: No such file or directory
> ftp> quit
> {0}:dogbert:/home/nomad>   

I don't know off-hand, unless you clobbered ftpaccess or something like
that.  Something that's often helpful in debugging ftpd, though.  Look
through your /etc/inetd.conf for the line starting ftpd, something like
(example from a solaris box, but it should be basically the same)

ftp     stream  tcp     nowait  root    /usr/sbin/tcpd  in.ftpd -a -l -t 120 -T 600

In the options passed to in.ftpd, add a -d which will log everything to

Also, since you're already fighting it, you might as well go ahead and
upgrade to a more secure version.  wu-ftpd-2.4.2-b16 is out now


Chris Ricker                                 gt1355b at prism.gatech.edu

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