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Wed Jan 14 00:04:14 EST 1998

In our previous episode, Joe was heard to say:
> (1) Any functional Apple monitor that will work with
> this machine. I'm actually hoping for one of the
> original Apple 12" b&w ones - I don't plan to be
> running X on the poor thing. I'll be amazed if I can
> even compile a kernel on it... although I used to
> compile kernels on a 4M 486/33 all the time, so maybe
> there's hope.

Go to MicroCenter and get a Mac-to-VGA adaptor. It'll let
you use a VGA monitor with the Mac.
> (4) An Apple 8Meg SIMM for a MacII, or any compatible
> 8Meg SIMM (I believe this machine requires a
> specialized part, rather than just any old 30-pin
> SIMM).

Do some net.searching- I've never used "specialized" memory
on my Macs before. If you have a working Mac, look for a
program called GURU (Guide To RAM Upgrades) that'll give you
memory specs for your model so you can buy the memory yourself.
> (5) A Paged MMU for a 68020.

Are you sure it's a Mac II? I thought all Mac IIs were
> (6) A functional Apple hard drive of several hundred
> MB. I'm not sure whether the internal drive works or
> not, but even if so I want to add a drive for Linux.

Most any SCSI drive should work.
The rest of the hardware (floppy, mouse, etc..) might be
found in area salvage stores (Marietta Computer Salvage, etc..)


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