[ale] RH Print Filter Problem

John M. Mills jmills at jmills.gtri.gatech.edu
Tue Jan 13 12:02:42 EST 1998

Geoff and ALE'ers--

Last night I tried again with RH's filter for the Canon cbj620, and found
the following: 
  inactivating the 'COLOR' line in the spool directory's 'postscript.cfg'
  seems to stop 'gs' crashing on prints.

In my case this had been:

Putting a "#" ahead to switch it off apparently fixes the problem.  It
still prints in color if the image is in color.

Geoff -- Thanks for sending me the Ghostscript filter -- I had installed
gs-5.05 from a 'contrib' rpm, so I don't know if there is a filter hanging
around somewhere.  As long as the RH one works I may stick with it. 

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