[ale] forwarded message from Cynthia Jeness

Eric Zundel Ayers eric at compgen.com
Tue Jan 13 11:18:48 EST 1998

Cynthia wrote me about some logistics on meeting at the Georgia Tech
CoC.  I thought I'd forward information about AJUG (Atlanta Java User's

Eric Zundel Ayers wrote:
>  Cynthia Jeness wrote:
>  > Also, do you have a web page?  I would really like to be able to attend
>  > your meetings.  My husband and I are big Linux fans, but I teach
>  > Computer Science at Southern Poly on Tuesday and Thursday from 5:00 to
>  > 10:00 PM.
> We'd love to have you!  Maybe you can have a 'field trip' to the Linux
> meeting (ha ha).  Our web page is:
> http://www.ale.org/
------- end -------

Our AJUG web page is:


if you are interested in Java stuff.  Right now, the Java Linux porting
effort does not seem to be quite as organized as some of the other Linux
projects.  I hope that this improves as Java changes settle down.

Since I am teaching Operating Systems at Southern Poly, a "field trip"
is not totally impossible.  The students really deserve to hear about
alternatives to Solaris and NT.

Cynthia Jeness

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