[ale] manual ppp0 up?

Robert L Harris nomad at rocky.orci.com
Sat Jan 10 13:48:19 EST 1998

  I just installed 2.1.78 and it's pretty happy.  Especially since it has
ICMP Masq built in... :>

  Anyway,  My ppp-on script runs nice and happy and dials up.  The only
problem is my log gives me this:

Jan 10 12:42:44 moat pppd[363]: Remote message: 
Jan 10 12:42:47 moat pppd[363]: local  IP address
Jan 10 12:42:47 moat pppd[363]: remote IP address
Jan 10 12:42:47 moat pppd[363]: ioctl(SIOCADDRT) device route: Network is down

However if I do a:

ifconfig ppp0 up
route add default ppp0

all works well.  Did I mix up something?

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