[ale] Masking bootup messages

David Hamm dhamm at itserve.com
Fri Jan 9 11:34:41 EST 1998

 *  linux/kernel/printk.c
 *  Copyright (C) 1991, 1992  Linus Torvalds
 * Modified to make sys_syslog() more flexible: added commands to
 * return the last 4k of kernel messages, regardless of whether
 * they've been read or not. 
 *  Added option to suppress kernel printk's to the console. 
        ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ Does this help?
 * Added hook for sending the console messages
 * elsewhere, in preparation for a serial line console (someday).
 * Ted Ts'o, 2/11/93.

On 07-Jan-98 Geoffrey Myers wrote:
> Chris Ricker wrote:
>> On  7 Jan, Michael Ivey wrote:
>> > Ok, I know this is a strange question, but has anyone experimented with
>> > a splash screen and/or other methods of masking the bootup messages?  I
>> > thought about modifying printk.c to not actually print it, as well as
>> > taking out the echos in the rc files, but I'd really love a penguin in a
>> > red fedora as a splash screen.  Of course I'll still have the messages
>> > in the syslog.
>> If you search one of the kernel-patch archive sites, there are lots of
>> patches floating around that do just such a thing.  I can't promise the
>> red fedora part, though ;-).  On some platforms (Sparc, for example),
>> Linux has that sort of thing built-in.
> You know, this really should be an available option during build time. 
> Believe it or not, one of the things the Microsoft phreaks (I'm forced
> to work with) complain about is all the (albiet useful) 'noise' on the
> screen at boot time.  I'd even like to see some kind of humorous
> satirical spinoff of Windows NT screen.
>> later,
>> chris
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