[ale] ls120 drive

Geoffrey Myers geof at abraxis.com
Thu Jan 8 08:05:07 EST 1998

Chris Ricker wrote:
> On  8 Jan, Geoffrey Myers wrote:
> > I recently purchased a Digital Research ls120 drive.  I've got it
> > installed, it's recognized by my kernel, (with some funky messages) and
> > I can mount it and write to it as a vfat disk.  I attempted to fdisk it,
> > which appeared to work and then attempted to format it.  The format took
> > forever, never completed and I couldn't kill it.  In other words,
> > unsuccessful.  I've not found any references to this in the kernel docs
> > or the HOWTO's.  I'm running 2.0.33.  Anyone else played with one of
> > these puppies.  I had hoped I would eventually get rid of my standard
> > 3.5 drive, but not until I could boot linux from this puppy.
> Did you enable "Include IDE/ATAPI floppy support" or something to that
> effect (in the block device section) when you compiled your kernel?

I'm sending this to the ale list as I've added some more specifics
regarding kernel messages.

Yeah, I missed it the first time and the kernel puts out a nice message
indicating that it found the drive, but that there's no support in the
kernel for it.  I then went back and rebuilt with this item 'selected.' 
I get a couple of strings of kernel stuff regarding the drive, but some
of them seem to be possible problems, here is what I get:

hdc: LS-120 COSM 02 UHD Floppy, ATAPI FLOPPY drive

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