[ale] How to avoid sendmail DNS lookup for localhost?

Yong Wang yongwang at mindspring.com
Sat Jan 3 14:44:25 EST 1998

Hi, does anyone know how to prevent sendmail from doing
DNS lookup when the email is directed to a local user?
I don't want link to come up when I send email to another
user on the same machine. The same sendmail.cf I used
on 1.2.8 does not bring link up when sending to a local
user, so it could be something else I am not aware of.

Another possibly related question, pine 3.96 I am using
will not put sendmail to the background when sending
an email, in another word, pine will freeze until
sendmail has successfully sent out the email. This is
another new feature I am not comfortable with. Does
anyone know how to turn it off? I have already tried
setting pine to "background" sending, it does not
work. I hate to recompile this "monster".

Thanks in advance.


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