[ale] Crack

death death at cc.gatech.edu
Thu Aug 29 19:48:04 EDT 1996

Hey all.

A friend of mine just got hacked mildly (just rebooted the sys), but he 
wants me to check his passwords.

No problem, right?
Wrong.  Crack 4.1 doesn't seem to want to work, no matter what I do!

i've got 2.0.14, and he's running 2.0.5 ...
I know I had crack running on my old system [1.3.something], but it don't 
work anymore, and it doesn't work on his!

Can anyone tell me what kind of patch I need, where to get it, and where 
to put it???




Never mess with magic,
never deal with dragons,
and never fall in love.

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