[ale] can't get modem to respond...

Derek S. Ray lorimer at alliance.net
Tue Aug 27 16:55:34 EDT 1996

Alfred Grahame Leach mumbled incoherently:
> I've gotten modems working on other Linux boxes, but I can't get it going 
> on mine.  The problem, I think, is that my hardware is configured 
> somewhat strangely - using com3 and IRQ7.  I ran setserial like:
> 	setserial /dev/cua2 irq 7 (I think this was the syntax I used)
> but I still can't seem to get things going.  I'm trying to use minicom to 
> control the modem (and sometimes kermit from within minicom).  Isn't 
> there a way to send commands to the modem without using these (I think I 
> did this once, but I forget how - using "echo 'ATDT' > /dev/cua2" doesn't 
> cut it...).  Is there some database that I need to change to reflect my 
> hardware configuration?  Where is the setserial configuration information 
> stored?  Anybody have any suggestions on how to attack this?

I had this trouble with my Motorola Lifestyle 28.8 Internal:  it thinks
it's Plug and Play, but it's not REALLY Plug and Play, or maybe my BIOS
isn't really PnP, or something, but it doesn't exist at first bootup.  I
had to kick the old DOS PnP drivers in to load right before Linux boots to
assign it an address, and then used the line:

setserial /dev/cua3 port 0x2E0 irq 5 autoconfig

in /etc/rc.d/rc.serial, and that detected it just fine.  Then I linked
/dev/modem over to /dev/cua3, and presto :)  It didn't work for me without
the 'autoconfig' for some reason, so i tossed that in and poof.  :)

Which /dev/cua you use doesn't seem to matter, since W*n95 thinks my modem
is on "com5" (dumb OS), but it reports it at those port and IRQ settings,
so things should work OK.

don't forget to insert a call to rc.serial in the appropriate rc.file
(rc.S, i think?  I don't remember) if something isn't already calling it at
startup, or you'll wonder why nothing seems to have changed :)

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