[ale] Comments on TCP/IP & Win95

Carl Sherrill carlsh at rmii.com
Tue Aug 20 14:43:07 EDT 1996

Yo gentlemen! - be cool!  If TCP/IP is "native" to Linux & if Linux is
set-up to provide "local area networking" (say in lieu of big bad Novel)
then, to me, the relevance & applicability to cross-platform networking is
very relevant to the propigation of Linux!  ........  therefore, I stand by
my question ...."Has anyone successfully configured Win95 (& modem) to
connect via telnet & TCP/IP into another LAN based Win95 machine?  The Win95
technical reference books allude to such a possibility, but to date I've not
been able to get it to work. Any ideas are appreciated.  Carl Sherrill,
carlsh at rmii.com"

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