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Christopher Fowler cfowler at www.topform.com
Tue Aug 6 15:35:51 EDT 1996

> A simple question:
> If I'm going to set up a machine to do the following:
> -act as a gateway and firewall 
> -serve web pages
> -DNS for a small company
> -distribute e-mail to about 10 other machines/users
> -provide a single ppp line for local dialup
> I shouldn't need anything special, right?
> I was thinking of trying this with something like
> a 386SX-25, 4mb ram, 100mb hard drive, 1 ethernet card
> and 1 modem.  Does this sound as reasonable to you guys 
> as it does to me?
> -Matt-
I used a 486sx25, 8mb ram, 120mb HD, 3c509b for a SLIP server for my home and
laptop and a Users Conference at Evergreen at Stone Mountain.  I'm also using
it as a development system since it is our first ELF Linux system.  Small systems
are great for doing really small jobs.

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