[ale] to everyone running Red Hat 3.0.3

Jason Boyles jason at shawinc.com
Tue Aug 6 09:03:54 EDT 1996

 While on the subject of RH 3.0.3 and X . . .
        I'm running 3.0.3 with the MetroX X server, S3 chipset (864) integrated 
 on an IBM motherboard. When I exit from the X server with control-alt-BS the 
 text screen to which I return is unreadable. It looks like the scan lines are 
 in the wrong places, the even ones being shifted toward the top right hand 
 corner of the screen and the odd ones shifted toward the lower left. The three 
 monitors I have tried (a CTX 20", an IBM 17", and a ViewSonic 17") all behave 
 the same way and blank the screen after a second or two of trying to display 
 this mess. The Viewsonic flashes up an onscreen message that says "NO SIGNAL".
        The machine remains fully functional. I can blindly restart X and it 
 comes up OK, display and all. The only way I can fix the problem is to reboot.
        Is there some utility I can use to re-init the text display mode and 
 (hopefully) restore my VGA text mode to sanity?
 Jason Boyles <jason at shawinc.com>
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Subject: Re: [ale] to everyone running Red Hat 3.0.3
Author:  Alfred Grahame Leach <aleach at cc.gatech.edu> at internet
Date:    8/6/96 7:44 AM

Hey Tucker,
I've got the same problem using the S3 X-server with a generic (HP 
built-in) video card.  Installation was done from a CD-ROM set 
produced by RedHat themselves...
- Al
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