[ale] configuring getty for dialOUT logins

dZothMuellarg zot at crl.com
Fri Aug 2 20:50:20 EDT 1996

^(2) Ensure that the two machines agree about such issues as

Minicom on both ends is a good test.

^(3) Make really sure that you are talking on the ports you think you
Excellent ppoint.

^(4) If you have access to a protocol analyzer or a "blinky-box"
^(serial breakout box), stick it in the loop to make sure you're data
^is getting out of the serial port. A blinky box costs about $10 at
^Radio Shack; it has LEDs on it that show you when the xmt and rcv and
^flow control signals are active.

They are 14 at Radio and 7 at Microcenter right next to each other...

I took mine back to RS

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