Linux on laptops...

Michael J. Callahan mikec at
Sun Dec 18 17:23:07 EST 1994

I am about to purchase a laptop, which must run Linux, of course...

I am looking at an Austin DX4-100 active matrix 524mg/8mg, and the Dell
Latitude XP DX4-100 active matrix 500mg/8mg. Does anyone have any 
experience with either of these? 

I had also been considering the TP360CE (DX2/50, AM, 340,8). But I have 
one here at home to test and have been unable to get Linux to boot on it.
Using the June 94 Slackware version on Info Magic CD, I get the boot image
disk thru ok, but the root image disk always give me a device error, I 
believe on the floppy drive. The disk is not bad, It boots my gateway just
fine, and I also formated and rawrite'd it on the TP again under DOS just 
to be sure. If not for this problem, I would have considered this machine,
for significantly less money than the Dell. BTW, I just ordered the 3CD 
Dec 94 set from Info Magic, should have it next week.

Oh heck, heres the error msg on the root image disk on the TP360CE...

floppy I/O error.
dev 021C, sector.

and so on... I tried several different boots/root image combinations.

Best regards...

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