[ale] [OT] imac external DVD drive?

DJPfulio at jdpfu.com DJPfulio at jdpfu.com
Thu Sep 8 21:46:57 EDT 2022

Why not just rip the DVD to mkv?  Saves wear on the DVD discs and you can watch on almost any playform. The main title usually compresses without any artifacts to between 4x and 8x smaller than the source as h.264 encodings.

I picked up a $20 DVD± USB drive that seems to work great with Linux last spring and reripped all my audio CDs.  It was much faster than the first time I did that back in the 1990s. Disc readers have really gotten faster - plus encoding to vorbis audio takes 5 min, instead of 45m like it used to.

OTOH, BluRay is something I know nothing about. I consider those broken by design and won't have any in my house.

On 9/8/22 20:20, Leam Hall via Ale wrote:
> Hey, any Apple folks here? My wife's imac is older (still running
> 10.14), and we need to get an external DVD drive to watch movies. Any
> recommendations? The Apple ones are pricey, if there's a cheaper
> option that's decent I'd prefer that. 

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