[ale] Where do you mount NFS storage?

DJPfulio at jdpfu.com DJPfulio at jdpfu.com
Sat Jan 29 15:59:48 EST 2022

When I look through the current (2015) version of the Linux File System Hierarchy Standards
There isn't any mention about NFS storage.

Where do you mount NFS storage on your systems?  Mainly interested in home users, but if a corporation does it, that would be good too.

Over the decades, I've seen NFS mounted in these locations:
* /nfs/{directory/project} - generic storage for different teams
* /u/{username} - HOME directories using autofs
* /u/u1/{username} - HOME directories using autofs for use sites where multiple mounts are needed because there are 200-10K users.
* /export/home/ ... for all HOME directories in a small site.
* /export/{directory/project}
* /d/{directory} - this is my current method so the path is short, but easily adding more storage with a directory/partition/volume can be identical on the NFS server and all the clients.

And assorted places, as needed, like /usr/local/. Much easier to have all appimages and x86-64 binaries in a single location with settings that are in /usr/local/etc/.

I mount static webfiles read-only to a web server under /var/www/{site-name}/pub/ (or static/).

Where do you mount NFS storage?
Also, which OS is this for?  All my NFS today is Ubuntu for the clients and servers.

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