[ale] [OT] Church sound equipment

neal at mnopltd.com neal at mnopltd.com
Sun Aug 22 19:14:17 EDT 2021

I have extensive experience with both analog, and transitioning to 
digital systems, both small outdoors systems and large indoors systems.

I also lead a bluegrass gospel group, and have helped a contemporary 
(rock and roll) group.

And have lead contradance bands, and done sound for same.

So, a fairly wide exposure and experience.

I'll say, church sound can be really weird, compared to non-church.

Happy to help other churches.

On 2021-08-22 13:08, Leam Hall via Ale wrote:
> Anyone have hardware skills on church sound board equipment? I need to
> make some recommendations but what little I knew is over a decade old.
> Contact me off-list, unless the listers want to be involved.  :)
> Leam

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