[ale] System Load Summary Script?

Todor Fassl fassl.tod at gmail.com
Wed Jun 26 18:06:11 EDT 2019

I would not recommend ignoring high loads on a server these days. That 
could be a sign someone is mining bitcoins on your server.

On 6/26/19 2:29 PM, Jeff Hubbs via Ale wrote:
> On 6/26/19 1:58 PM, Todor Fassl via Ale wrote:
>> Right, but that is my point. If I run uptime and I see the load on a 
>> system is high, I still have to manually figure out if it is cpu 
>> bound, memory bound, or disk IO bound, or network IO bound. If you 
>> google for tutorials on diagnosing load problems, they all say 
>> something like "First run top and look at column 10. Then run iotop 
>> and look at column 23. Then run netstat and ..." I don't think I 
>> should have to do that in 2019.
> Maybe just go to lunch?
> I'm only half-joking. Well, not even half.
> At A Previous Employer (tm) the network operations group forced the 
> issue of running Nagios to monitor everything. I complied and put a 
> Nagios client on the Gentoo Linux file server I'd designed, built, and 
> managed for the entire company's use. Every night this machine made 
> Nagios absolutely explode with warnings. Of course it would, I told 
> them, it's running mksquashfs on all the Samba share volumes to make 
> backups and it lights up every core in the box in so doing because the 
> RAID1+0 is insanely fast in read and it's writing to a completely 
> different set of spindles on a completely different controller. 
> Moreover, it would do the same thing whenever ClamAV ran because ClamAV 
> was nicely multithreaded and would read at over 200MiB/s. It was 
> expected, normal, and intended. The "problem," plainly speaking, was 
> Nagios.
> The point of this graybeard parable is that machines turning into 
> hairdryers is not a bad thing on its face. It's different if e.g. a) it 
> can't complete something in the amount of time it has to do it per 
> line-of-business requirements b) you're limited on electrical or cooling 
> plant power c) your computers are doing something with no utility or 
> value. Just let the things glow red and go to lunch.
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