[ale] You guys have been too quiet lately...

Putnam, James M. putnamjm at sa.edu
Wed Dec 13 19:54:08 EST 2017

    [t]csh vs. sh
    vi vs. emacs
    BSD vs. SysV (see Solaris vs. SunOS)
    rcs vs. sccs    
    Digital vs. Data General
    MySQL vs. Postgres
    LMI vs. Symbolics
    Solaris vs. SunOS (see BSD vs. SysV)
    big endian vs. little endian
    x86 vs. 68k
    RISC vs. CISC
    gcc vs. clang
    Daemon vs. Penguin
    Apple vs. IBM
    Sun/AT&T vs. OSF
    Java vs. C++
    NVIDIA vs. 3DFX
    Intel vs. AMD
    Alpha vs. Sparc
    OpenGL vs. DirectX

    covers 90% or more of the fights I cared anything
    about, but I never was much of a fanboy. Fortunately,
    the heat and light generated by most of the above has
    mercifully died out along with many of the associated

    I fought in the SunOS vs. Solaris wars, I still have the

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>> I guess systemd is the vi vs emacs of the current generation?
> No. vi won.  Systemd sucks.

I'm thinking mostly terms of rwar-generating ability.  Your response
appears to validate my statement.

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