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> That's even easier. From inside vm, sync and lock db, vm snapshot, unlock. Copy
> snapshot away. Flatten vm snapshot. Vmware and Ovirt/KVM will do this.
I've received even more Greek when I asked if they were planning on doing snapshots in their storage 

"Snaps through VAAI. Our storage is VASA aware. It is the disk STUN I am worried about related to running DB." 

The good news is that the transactions to the DB are not that high. It could be if they grow significantly and start monitoring SNMP. I store traps in the DB. They could lock the database and that would cause all processes to "pause" till it was unlocked. I know this because I've received complaints when I've done mysqldumps. Those locks are not lock enough to cause timeouts in the apps. They just block until the lock is released. 

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