[ale] MySQL array based snapshot

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Tue Nov 22 09:56:56 EST 2016

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> This sounds to me like a LVM snapshot of the database file space.

> http://dev .mysql.com/doc/refman/5.7/en/backup-methods.html

> Snapshot _IS_ a backup as long as it is copied off the original machine. Loud
> google mouths are not always accurate. Dump your Google search cookie and see
> what comes up again.

> There is a STUN event but it's pretty short. The key that I see is to lock the
> DB after a flush (see link) , make the LVM snapshot, then release the lock,
> copy out the snapshot as a backup. The performance drag happens during the copy
> of the snapshot but the copy can be 'nice 20' if things are on a decent drive
> subsystem and drive failure is not expected to be eminent.

I don't see them doing a LVM snapshot on the guest. They'll do it on the host. Maybe they intend to do it on the guest. Maybe VMWare does it for them. 
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