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DJ-Pfulio djpfulio at jdpfu.com
Sun Mar 8 13:08:36 EDT 2015

"Home broadband in the US costs far more than elsewhere. At high speeds, it
costs nearly three times as much as in the UK and France, and more than five
times as much as in South Korea. Why?"

See table 2 here and get mad.

Even google fibre isn't really competitive around the world for the GigE connected.	
Paris is ranked #12 with 300Mbps for $27/month.
Dublin has 100 mbps for $61/month.  I'd jump on that.

On 03/08/2015 12:58 PM, Paul Cartwright wrote:
> On 03/08/2015 10:47 AM, Byron Jeff wrote:
>> Standard land line. How quaint!
>> VOIP and Google Voice has deregulated this market already. I have a
>> Callcentric DID with E911 service for $4.50 a month. Incoming calls routed
>> in via GV. By virtualizing my home number, I never have to worry about that
>> number being tied to a particular provider ever again. If I ever give up my
>> AT&T cell service, I'll do exactly the same with my cell number.
> MagicJack is $39 per year.. I just moved my home line from AT&T Uvers
> VOIP ( $40 per month) to MagicJack..

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