[ale] Republicans’ “Internet Freedom Act” would wipe out net neutrality | Ars Technica

Michael Trausch mike at trausch.us
Sat Mar 7 04:43:42 EST 2015

>From the point of view of systems and network administrators, what are everyone's thoughts on this?

On one hand the FCC's rules promote equal traffic, but on the other hand it is quite necessary to be able to control the network lest quality of service degrade. The new FCC rules would seem to imply that all providers must create very large and very redundant links more so than exist in today's infrastructure. Yet that in itself has the power to be used in order to amplify e.g. DDoS attacks.

I know that I for one rely on the ability to report problems and have the ISP act to block the bad traffic (which is almost never solely directed at me, and almost never originating from my ISP's network).


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