[ale] C64 turn 30 years old this week.

Chuck Payne terrorpup at gmail.com
Fri Jan 6 09:00:10 EST 2012

For those of us that have been computing over 30 years.

The first fight about computers wasn't the Apple vs. PC or Linux vs. Windows.

It was Atari vs. Commodore.

This week, the C64 is turning 30 years. Hard to believe that, I
remember the C64. I had an Atari 130 XE, but it was cool still to talk
about who has the best computer. At that time, computers where 8-Bit,
with avg. memory was 64K. Storage was either a tape drive or 5 1/2"
floppy and a monitor was your TV.

Makes me miss Atari days of 300 Baud modems dailing into Compuserver
to play the last text adventure, dail out state piracy BBS to download
the latest software, spend countless hours typing code out of Byte
Magazine to play some simple game, explaining to my parents "No I
wasn't trying to hack Arkansas Power and Light, I just found they have
BBS I could play Net Trek on", using a hole punch to make it so I
could write on the back side of 5 1/2 floppy or going to the local
user group to talk about cool things you can do with your computer.


As the saying goes, "Things may change, but the remain the same."

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