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Rich Faulkner rfaulkner at Tux86.org
Mon Feb 27 13:30:32 EST 2012

+1 on interest!

I am not an admin (these days) but touch on a lot of topics that an
admin does BUT the desktop is my primary interest at this time.  

Suwanee is easy for me being as I'm in Lilburn and work OTP in the NE as

I'm an intermediate level user and could stand to brush-up on a lot.
Daily driver on all my personal machines and most in our home.  Have
been in and out of Linux since the late 90's (mostly out) and finally
took the Linux oath a couple of years ago.  Now "baptized" as such this
is what I evangelize (as for computing) and support through my work and
efforts.  My job is very Linux focused thus even more of my interest as
I work at the manufacturing level as a Customer Support Engineer.  

Will watch this with interest and please keep my email if you develop a
mailing list....

Thanks.......Rich in lilburn

On Sat, 2012-02-25 at 20:32 -0500, Tod Davis wrote:

> Hi all,
> I am interested in getting a group of intermediate Linux users
> together to talk about our home desktop/notebook systems (as opposed
> to servers and sysadmin stuff) and learn from what each has done.  My
> initial thoughts would be to show off and compare:
> different distros
> desktop environments
> programs for getting things done
> customizing fstab, aliases, etc
> Conky and customization
> working from the command line
> firewalls and security
> favorite beers
> whatever else sounds interesting at the time...
> I live in Suwanee and can host them (near 400 exit 14 or 85 exit 111),
> but we could plan to rotate meetings from house to house if that is
> easier for people.  Let me know if you would be interested or forward
> this along to anyone you know who may have an interest.
> ~~~
> Thanks,
> Tod
> Tod at DavisMailBox.net
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