[ale] New distro mirroring?

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Linuxquestions.org does mirroring for multiple distros.   Not sure how you get one added there but checking contacts at the bottom of the link below might help.

What might be a good way to find potential places is to find out mirrors for other distros (e.g. Georgia Tech is one) and see if contacts at those sites would entertain mirroring yours as well.

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My company has put together a gnu/linux distribution called 'CCT Enterprise Linux' derived from RHEL6 with modifications made by us for use with OpenVZ virtualization (of which our PBX/VoIP products heavily utilize).  It supports server and desktop installs and internally has been a great way for people to get familiar with and learn how to use OpenVZ without having to rely on a bunch of possible distribution-breaking hacks.

We're nearly done finalizing all remaining packages and are now searching for organizations that might be willing to mirror the repo in exchange for advertising on our download page.  We have the entire project's binary repo down to 6.2GB(+/-) + installation media (there's only a single arch release, 64-bit, plus we will be hosting the source code exclusively on our servers) with the updates repo expected to grow anywhere from 1GB to 3GB depending on how many updates are released upstream and how many updates we make to our own packages.

CCT EL 6 (codenamed "Bruha", named for our favorite bartender at the Mad Hatter in downtown Athens, GA) our first public release will be officially live on March 1st and we could really use some help in making mirrors available.

I was pointed to ale.org from a member of Chugalug (here in Athens, GA) who thought this would be a great list to hit up as well.


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