[ale] On 911 call testing.

Derek Carter goozbach at friocorte.com
Fri Feb 17 10:37:40 EST 2012

I have found a bunch of articles by googling 'test 911 call' and '911 
test asterisk' and the like.

I also asked my resident VOIP expert Jared Smith (The author of 
_Asterisk: The Future of Telephony_). And it appears that the 'accepted' 
proper method to test your 911 calling is thus:

1) look up your local PSAP using this link


2) call the *non-emergency* number of your PSAP and tell them you are 
testing 911 connectivity from a new system and ask when would be the 
best time to call.

They will respond with one of two answers:

"Sure, we're not busy at the moment, go ahead and call now."


"We're pretty swamped at the moment, best time to call is around X:XX."

Bottom line, the PSAP really likes to know ahead of time if you are 
doing a test call.


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