[ale] OT: Androd note taking

JD jdp at algoloma.com
Thu Feb 9 17:24:01 EST 2012

On 02/09/2012 12:55 PM, Chris Fowler wrote:
> I'd like to replace a paper notebook with my wife's Vizio tablet :P
> I'm combing eBay looking for a capacitive stylus.  
> I use my paper notebook to jot down designs, schematics, notes, etc.  Is
> there a good app that does this?  Does it sync and possibly allow web
> access from my Ubuntu desktop?  I have Evernote, but I've not tried to
> use it outside of just typing quick notes.  
> Be nice if I could convert notes to PDF.
> I'm looking for ways that I can use her tablet productively.  If I can,
> I may buy one of the Novo ICS tablets.  This one is hers.

I find that gscan2pdf does a reasonable job scanning, cleanup and doing OCR
before converting to PDF. If you want really accurate text from printed
documents, you'll need to manually fix any OCR mistakes. The text can be located
"under" the image so full text search engines will find the correct page inside
the PDF.

I doubt the OCR will be useful at all for handwritten notes.  Dropping just a
few keywords under-the-image could be extremely helpful for later searches.

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