[ale] I can see why RHEL people don't use Emacs...

Geoffrey Myers lists at serioustechnology.com
Thu Feb 9 12:01:34 EST 2012

Lightner, Jeff wrote:
> The first time I read the AT&T 3B2400 manual (I was bored waiting for
> a backup to complete) I came across the section that said it could
> have UP to 8 MB RAM and thought to myself "How could anyone ever need
> that MUCH ram?"  Of course at that time the largest hard drive you
> could get for a PC was 10 MB.

Pretty sure the 400 max was 4 MB.  The 500 jumped to 8 MB, as I recall.

I remember we we got our first 3b2/600, with a whopping 16 MB.

Until later, Geoffrey

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