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Also I have a 40tb san (34.5tb after raid and whatnot), crash plan said I
could fill that up and still pay the same price. After ~6.8tb you do have
to mod the service .ini to use more ram then the 512 that its assigned and
I can show you some tricks to get some more throughput out of it.
On Feb 1, 2012 3:24 PM, "gcs8" <gcsviii at gmail.com> wrote:

> Crash plan, I use it and have 7+TB crammed on there $12/month for 12
> boxes. And you can even have them send you a few 2tb drives to do local
> backup then mail it to them. The backups are encrypted, there is no max
> file size, ect ect, play with there free ver or give the 30 day free trial
> a go.
> On Feb 1, 2012 2:45 PM, "David Tomaschik" <david at systemoverlord.com>
> wrote:
>> As many on the list know, I'm going to be relocating to California
>> later this month, which has made me take a look at my backup
>> procedures.
>> While I have good software for backups (rdiff-backup is pretty
>> awesome), finding a way to get the data truly offsite is easier said
>> than done.  The problem with most backup procedures is that anything
>> requiring manual intervention will eventually become an "I'll do that
>> later" task.  For example, the idea of storing an external hard drive
>> in a safe deposit box occurred to me, but that limits access to
>> business hours and requires manual intervention.  I'm sure it would
>> happen for the first few weeks, and then every now and then for a
>> while, and then not at all until I need the data.
>> I've also considered cloud storage providers, but between my wife and
>> I, we have ~1TB of data to backup, and growing at ~100GB/yr.  This
>> makes something like Amazon S3 rather expensive: even at reduced
>> redundancy pricing of 9.3 cents/gigabyte, this is an annual bill of
>> $1100 before the bandwidth used to ship it around.
>> Another thought I've had is running my own "cloud storage" by coloing
>> a 1U atom server with about 4 SATA drives crammed into it, but that
>> seems like it's not going to pay off until I get to the ~4TB space
>> range.
>> Anyone have recommendations on a good offsite solution for home use?
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