[ale] Internet applications won't connect in Fedora

William Witt william at witt-family.net
Sat Feb 26 20:22:15 EST 2011

On Sat, 2011-02-26 at 19:43 -0500, Jim Philips wrote:
> This is driving me nuts. I switched to Fedora 14, because I don't like
> where Ubuntu is heading. The install went smoothly. But applications
> like Firefox and Evolution make no connection to the Internet. I can
> run yum and download software. I can also ping sites and do
> traceroute. So, I *do* have an Internet connection. It's just that the
> browser can't seem to see it. Turning the firewall off altogether has
> no effect. 

Sounds like you are using the network service instead of network
manager.  Short term fix: select file->work offline (to manually toggle
it back online)  Long ter fix: either accept NM (similar results can be
achieved to Network service if you make the connection available to all
users) or google for the about:config/gconf hacks to make
firefox/evolution non-NM dependent/aware.

Good Luck

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