[ale] error during installation "checking hlt instructions"

Sergio Chaves sergio.chaves at gmail.com
Tue Feb 15 12:59:17 EST 2011


Does the problem happen DURING the install or AFTER?
I reload old PCs to give away with Linux and the majority of the issues lies 
on two things:
A - An old, "bad" BIOS that the newer kernels just do not like it.
B - For some strange reason the old cd-rom cannot read the image cd properly 

For A, try using the option "linux acpi=off" (no quotes) when starting the 
install process.

For B, I either put a newer CD/DVD-rom for the install only or do a net-
install by using these instructions 

Best regards,

Sergio Chaves

On Tuesday, February 15, 2011 01:32:50 am C Vega wrote:
> Hi,
> I have an old PC running 900Mhz Tbird CPU and 768Mb RAM. I also upgraded
> the HDD to a 60Gb. I've tried to install Gentoo, CentOS, Ubuntu, and Linux
> Mint and all and everyone of them stop at the line "checking hlt
> instructions" during the installtion. I've looked over the web and there
> are quite a few cases with the same problem, nonetheless the solution is
> not clear to me, still. I'm interested in loading CentOS to build a server
> since I used to run Ubuntu 8.04 on that box without any problems. Can
> anyone assist me with this issue?
> Thanks
> Carlos Vega

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