[ale] nrpe client on centos 5.2 not allowing nagios server to connect

Lightner, Jeff jlightner at water.com
Thu Feb 10 13:55:52 EST 2011

What version of Nagios?  What version of check_nrpe on the Nagios
master?  What version of NRPE on the CentOS client?   Are you running
NRPE as a stand alone daemon or using xinetd?   Did you enable ssl for
the nrpe connection?   Is Nagios attempting it with ssl?

We run Nagios 3.x here with nrpe on multiple hosts including several
RHEL4/RHEL5 (so CentOS ought to work).   Some of the older machines had
NRPE v1.8 installed and the newer check_nrpe (v2.12) wouldn't talk to
that version at all so I ended up bringing the older check_nrpe over to
the master and naming it check_nrpev1.8.  I then had to set my
services.cfg for those hosts to use that rather than check_nrpe.   This
was until I could get a chance to upgrade clients to the newer NRPE

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I have a nagios server set up to monitor some linux boxes, and it is
able to connect to a local opensuse 11.3 server, but when I try to
connect to a remote centos 5.2 server I get a failed connection and a
permissions error in in the /var/log/messages file on the centos box.

It responds properly testing using localhost on the local machine.
I can telnet to port 5666 from the remote box, my nrpe.cfg file has the
ip address of my nagios server and when I start the nrpe daemon, the
messages file says that address is allowed.

Any ideas?


James Taylor
james.taylor at eastcobbgroup.com

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