[ale] Shout Outs for good Wirless-N Router for Home

Ron Frazier atllinuxenthinfo at c3energy.com
Wed Feb 9 22:01:51 EST 2011

Hi Chris,

I gave a router recommendation in a prior post.  I wanted to add this.  
Make sure you set the router's security features properly to protect 
yourself from outside attack.  The settings are as follows.

I personally prefer to set up the router manually, rather than using 
their wizard.  You really shouldn't have to load any software.  
Initially connect to the router using a LAN cable, rather than 
wirelessly, to prevent these first two items, the administrative 
password and the WPA password, from being sent over the air.  If you 
don't have any internet connection without this router being used, do 
everything with a LAN cable at first, get it working, then set up the 
wireless and get it working.

- Find the router's default IP address for the manual interface from the 
documentation or on the company website by downloading the manual.
- Assuming it has a web interface (most do), from a web browser, log 
into the web address for the router's setup screen.
- You will need to allow this page to run scripts to work, most likely.
- Log in with the default name and password.
- Change the default password  used to log into the router.
- Log out and log back in to test the password.
- Enable WPA2 Wireless Encryption using a long random password of 20 
digits or more.
      If you like, you can get one from here and store it in a text file 
on the PC.
- Copy and paste your password into the router's WPA setup screen and 
save it.
      The router will probably reboot.
- Copy and paste your password into the PC's WPA setup screen and save it.
- Disconnect the LAN cable and attempt to connect to the router wirelessly.
- If this fails, reconnect the LAN cable, log in again, and troubleshoot.
- Once you have wireless WPA2 encryption, you can further configure the 
router without being snooped on whether you connect by LAN cable or 
- Go back into the setup screen and set the following options:
      - NAT - ON
      - Firewall - ON
      - UPNP - OFF
      - Ping response to outside world (unless you're testing) - OFF
      - Remote administration (from internet) - OFF

After that's done, you should be good to go, and secure.



On 02/09/2011 03:12 PM, C Hendry wrote:
> Need to replace downed 2wire Wireless router.
> Looking at amazon and Fry's, lots to choose from any good recommendations?
> Thanks in advance.
> Chris


(PS - If you email me and don't get a quick response, you might want to
call on the phone.  I get about 300 emails per day from alternate energy
mailing lists and such.  I don't always see new messages very quickly.)

Ron Frazier

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