[ale] Fwd: Verizon quietly begins throttling data as iPhone launch looms

Paul Cartwright ale at pcartwright.com
Fri Feb 4 16:03:02 EST 2011

all you Verizon data junkies...


Verizon has quietly begun throttling the wireless connections of its 
heaviest data users, the company revealed in a PDF buried on its website 
(hat tip to BGR 
The document explains that Verizon has begun two new network management 
practices in order to "provide the best experience to our more than 94 
million customers," and that they go into effect starting today, 
February 3.

In the document, Verizon says it's using techniques such as caching less 
data on its network, reducing network capacity, and sizing video "more 
appropriately" for devices. "While we invest much effort to avoid 
changing text, image, and video files in the compression process and 
while any change to the file is likely to be indiscernible, the 
optimization process may minimally impact the appearance of the file as 
displayed on your device," Verizon writes.

Paul Cartwright

Paul Cartwright

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