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Rory Danner Rory at DannerFamily.com
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Because no two customers get the same rates from the larger colo facilities.

If you just want one local colo with one box I'd use someone like Abraxis.
Just do the math and decide when it makes sense. Or when you want 100%
control over performance.

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I am spending about $50 a month on virtual private servers, for no
reason other than they have IP address space that is redundantly
provided for by a data center.  I can reasonably forsee paying more in
the future as I need more systems.

I'm wondering, at what point does it become more worth it to just put my
own real systems in a data center and manage them myself?  I don't mind
managing things myself; my plans would essentially be to have a big
friggin' storage unit and then run multiple systems off of it.  I
realize that I would be spending a bit more in terms of the hardware,
and that doesn't really bother me either.  My real question is to
someone that has done all this already, should I be doing it yet?  Or
should I wait until I'm paying more than I am now?  And why does it seem
that all the data centers are very hush-hush about what they charge?  I
can't seem to find rates for the life of me.

	--- Mike

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