[ale] php5 & apache2

Paul Cartwright ale at pcartwright.com
Wed Sep 22 06:10:09 EDT 2010

On Tue September 21 2010, Chuck Payne wrote:
> If not enable it
# apache2ctl -M
Loaded Modules: 
 php5_module (shared) 
Syntax OK
looks like it is..

> a2enmod php5
# a2enmod php5
Module php5 already enabled

> You can always follow this guide, How to Forge have some of the best how
> to's.
> http://www.howtoforge.com/installing-apache2-with-php5-and-mysql-support-on
I think I've done that one before.. Looks like it is working now!!
Now I get the login for the phpmyadmin!!!!
but it doesn't like my login.. wonder if it is because I am using nomachine..

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