[ale] Hello World - in C# - in Mono - in Ubuntu is done

Jeff Hubbs jhubbslist at att.net
Sat Sep 18 17:28:18 EDT 2010

  My intuition strongly tells me that if writing cross-platform apps is 
what one wants to do, one would avoid using a language that is sourced 
by a non-neutral vendor of one of those platforms.  There are just too 
many other non-corporately-sourced languages with open source 
implementations and/or compilers.

On 9/18/10 11:30 AM, Ron Frazier wrote:
> Chris,
> One thing I want to learn, as much for personal gratification as for money,
> is how to write cross platform applications that run on Windows, Linux, and
> Mac.  On the mobile side of things, it would be nice to be able to run on
> Windows, Iphone OS, and Android, although that might be much harder.  I
> think I saw something about this either on the Mono or the Monodevelop
> website.  They talked about building a core app, kind of like a local
> server, that does all the actual work of the project.  Then, you build a
> user interface module for each target OS.  The core module, communicates
> back and forth with the UI module to get the job done.  So, you install the
> core and the appropriate UI for each machine.  That way, each is optimized
> for it's capabilities.  That sounds really neat.

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