[ale] dialog box vanishing in Ubuntu

Ron Frazier atllinuxenthinfo at c3energy.com
Tue Sep 14 15:11:42 EDT 2010


I did put an entry in the startup programs section.  They moved it, and it 
now has its own position in the menu.  It's not under sessions any 
more.  The dialog box is as menu / system / preferences / startup programs.

I put the following line, which I got from a web page somewhere.

su-to-root -X -c /usr/sbin/firestarter

The one you referred to is:

sudo firestarter --start-hidden

I wonder what the difference is and which one is preferred.  I did read 
somewhere that the firewall would start on its own.  However, I like to 
have a visual indication of it.  Also, it's set for only one network 
interface, such as wireless.  If I plug in an ethernet cable, the firewall 
is not active unless I reset the NIC setting.  The indicator in the status 
bar lets me know if the firewall fails to start.  I tested the computer, 
directly connected to my cable modem, with the Shields Up test at 
grc.com.  I found out that unless Firestarter is active, with or without 
the GUI, all my ports are closed, not stealthed.  When Firestarter is 
active, they're all stealthed.


At 9/14/2010 08:44 AM -0400, you wrote:
>On 09/12/2010 03:41 PM, Ron Frazier wrote:
> > I've got a strange problem going on that I was hoping you guys could help
> > with.  I'm running Ubuntu 10.04 with the Gnome desktop.  I'm using
> > firestarter to control the firewall.  I also have firestarter set to start
> > up automatically on boot, so the firewall is automatically started, and so
> > I have a status indicator for it.
>How have you set firestarter to automatically start? Did you follow the
>steps at
>FYI, starting the firestarter GUI is not necessary for your firewall to
>All the best,
>Brian Pitts

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